US identity fraudster jailed for seven years

US authorities have sentenced a man to seven years in prison for buying stolen identities from cyber-criminals in other countries.

Jacob Vincent Green-Bressler was convicted of soliciting information including credit and debit card account numbers, Pins, expiration dates, passwords and social security numbers.

The 21 year-old created counterfeit credit cards to take more than $1m from cash machines in Arizona, including one withdrawal of $148,000 at the Casino Del Sol.

At the height of the scam, it is estimated that Green-Bressler held more than 4,500 illegal credit and debit card account numbers and Pins and that more than $300,000 was transferred overseas.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said that law enforcement agencies have traditionally focused on catching the cyber-criminals who sell identities online.

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You would think, that some how, the banking, IRS, SOMEONE, would have a way to see that (unless he had multiple names) one person had 4500 accounts. Even if he had multiple names, EVERYTHING had to be funneled to
"a few" at .most mail drops somewhere

he would have made a **** load more money if he sold the information he had on to some one else.

he proberly should have got longer than 7 years.

How exactly would that work? Instead of him emptying $148,000 out of a bank account he would sell the information to someone else for more money? Why would someone else pay more money for account information, than they would be able to steal from it?