US Launches Patent Probe

The U.S. International Trade Commission has voted to launch an investigation into 30 companies on possible patent infringements. Included in the investigation were Sony, Hitachi, Nokia, Motorola, LG Electronics, and Matsushita Electric Industrial. According to the ITC statement released Thursday, the products involved are short-wavelength light-emitting diodes and laser diodes used in such electronics as handheld mobile devices, traffic lights, billboards, high-definition DVD players, and data storage devices. The investigation is the result of a complaint filed in February by Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, a Professor Emeritus of Columbia University, who requested that the ITC issue exclusion and cease and desist orders, blocking imports into the United States of a range of products which allegedly infringe on her patents.

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all they have to do is somehow invent a new method of making the lasers and all will be fine.... like even using different materials or a slightly different technique, and they will be safe

can we add microsoft to that list? who knows what bull**** they have gotten into
they just havent been sued enough yet im tellin ya

yey. i hope the old lady wins. just because i hate sony and their bluray player.

may sony go out of business. thank you.


And may you have to pay the tens of thousands who would be out of work if such a thing happened.

Besides, your troll-fu is weak. Panasonic actually holds the majority of patents in the Blu-ray format. Pioneer, Philips, Sony, and Matsush*ta formed the core of the BDA (Blu-ray founding members). But let's not let facts get in the way of illogical and unfounded blind hatred now.

(RAID 0 said @ #5.2)
Then why respond?

Someone has to set the record straight. As a HD DVD supporter you should know how I was correct on other matters.

This amuses me.

Actually I had to self censor it, a lot of message board software think M-A-T-S-U-S-H-I-T-A is a curse word. (They're the parent company of Panasonic, JVC, and Quasar BTW).

(lnxpro said @ #5)
yey. i hope the old lady wins. just because i hate sony and their bluray player.

Actually the lawsuit is against Toshiba too...

wow yeh clever, leave it 30 years and then sue them for loads, god what business model.... Die now please kthx

Blu-ray wasn't invented 30 years ago, the laser-diode was (at least, the lady's invention). If it turns out to be true, Sony will try and pay her off. But, if she doesn't accept it and does what she is planning to do, it could kill Blu-ray and the PS3 (at laest in the sense that you cannot have a PS3 with a Blu-ray drive).