U.S. reaches Deal on Internet Gambling

The United States has reached a deal with the European Union, Japan and Canada to keep its Internet gambling market closed to foreign companies, but is continuing talks with India, Antigua and Barbuda, Macau and Costa Rica, U.S. trade officials said on Monday. "We are pleased to confirm that the United States has reached agreement ... with Canada, the EU and Japan," Gretchen Hamel, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Trade Representative's office said in a statement. "The agreement involves commitments to maintain our liberalized markets for warehousing services, technical testing services, research and development services and postal services relating to outbound international letters," Hamel said.

News source: Reuters

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What bothers me is that this is clearly a moral decision, rather than a pragmatic one.

Legal online gambling can be tightly regulated to ensure fairness, and monitored for the benefit of the revenuers.

Illegal gambling can't.

But golly, gee whiz, we wouldn't want to look like we endorsed gambling.

the way i see internet gambling in general is.... it's none of the gov's business what the average civilian does as far as gambling!

me personally i just dont think i would trust online gambling as you never know what may be going on behind the scenes like rigging the application that runs the gambling etc etc.