US spammer gets over two years in jail

A New York judge has sentenced 28-year-old Todd Moeller to a 27-month term and fined him more than $180,000 after he pleaded guilty earlier this year for his part in a spamming operation that sent out millions of unsolicited emails. Moeller, from the US state of New Jersey, was caught in a sting operation after agreeing to send junk email advertising of an unspecified commercial product to around 1.2 million customers of Internet service provider AOL. Moeller and co-defendant Adam Vitale, who also pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced on November 13, boasted that they were able to send large volumes of spam in a way that concealed the email's true source. Moeller and Vitale said they had made tens of thousands of dollars through their business.

News source: Physorg

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Just in time! I heard Bubba the Serial Rapist had just worn out another "girlfriend" and was looking for a replacement or two! :nuts:

Is this really a big deal? "Millions of emails", easy. "Tens of thousands of dollars", that can barley make a living in a trailer park.

good i dont like people who get rich off of spam!

normally it seems like something minor cause after all it's only spam but pretty much NO ONE likes that crap.... but you cant just fine these guys either as that dont stop them at all since they make way more than they are fined so they will continue to do it... so i guess jail time was the only option to make em catch the drift

Because the "no one" can means 99.9% of the population but 0.1% real care or are catched by spam, so for a 5 millon of span send , 5000 is just enough to keep running the business.

GOOD! I hope they have a hard time in there! I wonder what the inmates will do when they find out why they are in jail.