US Staples stores currently selling 32 GB Surface RT for $399

While other Windows RT tablets have seen their retail costs reduced drastically since they were released, Microsoft has yet to cut the price of its Surface RT tablet since it launched in late October. Today, there's word that Staples stores in the U.S. are finally offering a solid price cut on one of the two Surface RT models. reports that the 32 GB version of the Surface RT tablet can now be purchased at Staples' retail locations for $399, which is $100 less than what Microsoft has listed for its official price. The report says that the Staples sale will last until at least the beginning of June. However, it is restricted to in-store purchases only; the price cut does not appear on the Surface RT listing found on the website.

The sale comes at an interesting time for Microsoft's family of tablets. There are plenty of rumors that Microsoft will announce next-generation versions of their Surface products during the BUILD 2013 developer conference, which begins just over one month from now. If that does happen, it's likely that all of the current Surface models will see big price cuts. That should help clear out the inventory of the older versions in preparation for the new Surface tablets.

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Not a huge fan of Staples computer/tech area unless things have changed over the past couple years. Most of their prices are outrageous and they only carry low end pcs they try to sell as performance ones.

why do we get a story every time staples put a surface tablet on sale? Fact is staples does this! Heck a few weeks ago they had a $100 off any computer coupon that included any tablet (including the surface)! next week it wont be on sale and some other system will be $100 off

Limited sale to clear stock? Probably going to be getting newer 7-8" devices though we have no info on a smaller Surface yet I fully expect one. It could replace the 32GB model Surface RT completely.