US web users spend the most time on Facebook

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Do you check just a few minutes per day just to see if someone has written on your wall or do you spend hours writing posts, chatting with friends or checking out posts written by celebrities? If so, you are not alone. In a new study published by Nielsen centering on social media use, Facebook was by far the biggest web site that took up the most time of US web surfers. The study claims that in May 2011 53.5 billion minutes of time was spent by US users on Facebook. That's well ahead of the number two site in the study, Yahoo, which took up just 17.2 billion minutes.

Overall, checking out social networks and blogs take up more time than any other Internet activity. According to Nielsen's study, 22.5 percent of US web activities was to visit those kinds of web sites. Playing online games was a distant second at 9.8 percent while emailing was third at 7.6 percent. If you are a female aged 18-34, you are the demographic group that is the most likely to check out social networking sites. That's not completely true across the board. Nielsen's study says that men check out the LinkedIn web site and Wikipedia more than women.

Even though many users access social networking sites via their mobile phone, the study says that 97 percent of social networking users still access these sites on their PCs compared to 37 percent of mobile phone users. The Facebook application is the number one most used app across all mobile operating systems.

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I don't have FB and though most if not all of my friends do, I actually don't feel left out

I don' care what they do and wrks for me. If I need something, I will just call them using my Sony-Ericson W600 phone - which replaced a Motorolla small b/w silver non flip crap battery life

It's not just the US. Before when people called me about computer problems, its either their antivirus is expired, or the system crashes or gives a BSOD. Now they come to you panicking "I can't get on to facebook! Help! " 0.o

My girlfriend prolly checks Facebook like 4 times per hour! It's a sickness I tell you. She adds people to her friends list just so she can be all in their business but she of-course blocks her profile from them LOL.

I check FB on my phone few times (3-5) a day and then sometimes on the PC but that's far and few between.