U.S. Won't Extend Microsoft Antitrust Sanctions

The U.S. Department of Justice said it will not seek to extend the restrictions placed on Microsoft Corp.'s business practices following its antitrust settlement with the U.S. government in 2002. Many of the restrictions are due to expire Nov. 12, and last week several U.S. states filed motions in favor of extending them for a further five years. Four of those states -- New York, Maryland, Louisiana and Florida -- had previously said they opposed an extension.

The DOJ had also opposed the extension, and on Friday it made it clear that it would not be making a turnabout like the four U.S. states.

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News source: PCWorld

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November 13, Microsoft will announce that they are once again bundling IE with everything. November 14, Firefox will mysteriously stop functioning in Windows. November 15, users trying to search with Google instead of MS Search get redirected to a page accusing them of piracy. November 16, Bill Gates announces he's running for president... of the universe.