UT3 Beta Demo Released

Back in 2000, there were two must-have games in terms of frenetic online multiplayer: Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. As to which one was superior, though, debates still rage on in parts of the internet, and I'm not even going to go near that can of worms. At any rate, UT was apparently popular enough for Epic Games to release a sequel, the cleverly named Unreal Tournament 2003, and then another sequel, UT2004, to fix many of the complaints lobbied against UT2003. Not soon after, we saw our first screenshots of Unreal Tournament 2007, and we were blown away by the incredible graphics; anticipation made the wait seem endless. But now, seven years after the original UT, the first public beta demo of UT2007 has been...released!

We reported earlier that the UT2007 Demo was close to release, and luckily our sources did not fail us. The demo includes three deathmatch and vehicle capture the flag maps with support for bots and online play, though the highly anticipated Unreal Warfare mode will not be making an appearance just yet. From posts by users on the Neowin forums, performance seems fairly good for an early release, and we will update as more reports become available. Gamers can grab the demo from Fileplanet, though download speeds have been taking a hit as the download garners more attention.

View: Fileplanet Download

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HELP: does anybody know how to change the game startup resolution to 1680*1050 before i launch the game? apparently vista and my 7900gt drivers (163.75) dont agree on any other resolution but the native.

The Readmedemo.rtf says AVG should be removed.

Some issues with NVIDIA 7900 graphics cards cause the game to stop: If users are getting crashes creating rendering resources (pixel shaders, index buffers, textures etc) on NVIDIA cards with low operating system memory (1Gb or less), follow these steps for a workaround:

1. If AVG anti-virus software is installed, it needs to be uninstalled. This program causes resource conflicts with drivers. Be sure to restart the system after removing AVG.
2. In UTGame/Config/UTEngine.ini, set bInitializeShadersOnDemand=True.
3. Run the game again.

You'll find the UTEngine.ini in your Documents folder.

xiphi said,
The Readmedemo.rtf says AVG should be removed.

You'll find the UTEngine.ini in your Documents folder.

Thank you, the game runs like a peach (God dayum its hawt)

it's very playable on my machine, here are my specs.
Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 oc'd to 3.6Ghz
2GB Corsair PC6400 800Mhz
eVGA 7950 GT 512MB
X-Fi Platinum

I never uninstalled AVG a/v but I'm not sure if when Epic says 7900 graphics cards if they mean 7900 series or not ...I'm not having any problems playing this at all. I can't wait for this to go gold!

Love the War of the Worlds vehicle. Also, you can really make people laugh by hitting walls/falling off cliffs + feign death. The effect is hilarious.

Won't install for me, downloaded 3x.
Using Windows XP 64-bit (I read the .ini file and it doesn't show this OS)
Anyone else having this issue?

Fubar said,
its a beta so i doubt theyd include it for this and on 1600x1200 you dont really need it lol

beta or not, every single UT3 engine game lacks antialias support for dx10 cards. and you do need it, pretty irritating to see aliased objects.

The frame rate is smooth on my laptop (med detail, 1024x768) but the mouse movements are very 'jerky'.
Didn't really blow my mind in terms of game play compared with UT2004.

I'm not really that impressed. They made an engine around a game. Just like ID did with Q3. In both cases, the stand alone installment sucked. You all can have it. I'll save my $50 USD.

Keep in mind that the demo uses low resolution textures to keep the download size somewhat reasonable. The full game will have higher resolution textures. Not to mention this is still a beta. It's a bit soon to be complaining.

The demo uses low-res textures?!
In that case, I want to see what the high-res ones look like, because Suspense especially looks very impressive as it is for me!

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