Valve Announces Steam Cloud

In a conference today at Valve headquarters in Seattle regarding Steam, Valve's online distribution platform, the company announced a new remote storage solution for data from games.

This free service, known as Steam Cloud, will extend the Steam service to allow you to save progress from games, options, keyboard bindings and possibly much more from your games on Steam.

There will be no limit to the storage you can use, and all data will be saved automatically to the servers. Even video replays and screenshots can be stored.

As you would expect, Valve's own offerings will be the first to support the Cloud system, including the Half-Life series, Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2. Left 4 Dead will support it from release.

For any developers out there, Steam Cloud will be available in the Steamworks tools.

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in the beginning everything sucked abouth steam, since then everything is alright, i enjoy playin with steam

Valve really has some innovative developers, they continue to surprise me with what they pull off. It's at the point were I now assume when they release something it will be good.

Plus their naming conventions are so clever.

I don't understand, it's a service that lets you store saved games on a server. Why are people so enthusiastic, I don't see how this will enhance their gaming experience. Hard drive crashes really aren't frequent (never happened to me), and it's not like ordinary people two computers that are both used to play the same offline games. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not criticizing this service, it's better than nothing, I'm just not jumping for joy like the rest of you, could you folks explain to me how this Steam Cloud will enhance your gaming experience?

Like Purelegend Said, As long as you can download steam and get it installed, you can download the game, and then download your saves, and you're away. It also saves on having to backup stuff like this if/when you have to reformat.

Good idea. Hopefully it will be able to save more than just games found on Steam? Too many times have I reformatted only to realise I hadn't backed up a saved game.

omg finally this is perfect. I've always wondered why Xbox Live doesn't try and do something like that. To me this is the next step in online gaming. I don't have to worry if my hard drive crashes, if my backups are stolen or any of that. I know the game saves that I worked months on are secured.

(macrosslover said @ #6)
omg finally this is perfect. I've always wondered why Xbox Live doesn't try and do something like that.

I don't know why the Xbox exists, other than to help ruin PC gaming.

They are trying to catch up with Xfire, or what. A nice move, I guess. I always like to see what Valve tries to pull off, They usually do good stuff.