Valve quiz gamers in Half-Life 2 survey

The developers finally reach the 'tuning' stage in the coding of Half-Life 2

Developers Valve have just conducted a massive survey of users of Steam - its broadband platform for direct software delivery and content management - in a bid to "to tune the performance of Half-Life 2". While Valve are still to confirm just how close to completion the long-delayed FPS is, the fact that they've reach the 'tuning' stage does - we hope - suggest that the bulk of the game's development is done.

The survey itself, which collects information about Steam users' computer hardware (and some software), has been completed by over 500,000 gamers and will tell Valve about gamers' connection speed, RAM, CPU, graphics chipset and other hardware configurations. All very exciting, we're sure - but if it means that Half-Life 2 runs better when it finally does reach shelves, then it can't be a bad thing. To see the results of the survey for yourself, click here.

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