Valve reveals new design for Steam Controller, no touchscreen but many buttons

Valve has now officially revealed the design for its revamped Steam Controller, which does away with the touchscreen that was shown in the original iteration in favor of two oval buttons that surround a Steam logo button in the middle.

Good bye old Steam Controller with its touchscreen ... 

... and hello to the new design with lots of buttons.

Valve sent an image of the new version in an email to media outlets, including Neowin ahead of next week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. As previously announced, it will now have several new buttons, including four that are arranged to form a D-pad on the left and A B X Y buttons on the right. The two oval buttons on top look like they are supposed to be pause and play controls, but Valve's email didn't go into details.

The Steam logo button might be a way to access the home screen for SteamOS, the Linux-based operating system that Valve is developing. Steam Controllers will ship with the first Steam Machines that use SteamOS. They are expected to go on sale from a number of third-party companies sometime before the end of 2014.

Source: Valve email press release | Images via Valve

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Is it just me, or does this controller still look clumsy to hold. It's that kind of device that gets you thinking. How do you hold this controller again. Oh yeah got it know.

Cost cutting at its finest. That said nothing wrong with the buttons, just thought the touchscreen idea was way cooler...

Ummmmm...that ain't gonna work, how are you supposed to reach those buttons while having your thumbs on the circles? The buttons are backwards, the circles should be under the buttons, unless you're supposed to hold it upside down.

I don't think it makes much of a difference, depends more on how far the buttons are from the touchpads. The ones closest to the touchpads should be easy to reach but the others not so much. The buttons themselves look a bit small too and the ones on the left should be replaced with a D-pad.

Personally I would've preferred if they put most of the buttons on the backside of the controller where they could be reached even with your thumbs on the touchpads.

I think we will still see several iterations of the design before it becomes available.

You obviously have no idea how this is meant to work. The touch input replicates a mouse. You know, that thing you use on PC that many games are made for. I would bet it's easier/faster to aim with this controller than a console controller, but not as good as mouse.

I like the idea of having that touch screen on the controller. You might ask why? it will be great if it can provide information such as fps and cpu usage while playing.

I don't think I'd use it over the Xbox 360 controller because of the size and the position of the right thumb pad.

Still on the fence about these, rather fond of my 360 controller for the PC but *shrug* I game to try it for those small handful of games I use a gamepad with.

Shame about the lack of a touchpad, although I could imagine that it would probably prove a bit useless in reality vs physical buttons.

I'm a bit skeptical about the placement of the right-side buttons. I could imagine that games would (initially at least) prefer the physical buttons to the keypad on the right side for parity with the XBox and Playstation controllers. If that's the case, using the controller would be weird to hold. Like, N64 weird to hold.

I do like that they're still going ahead with the touchpad thumbstick design though. It's got a lot of potential

trojan_market said,

I think old design is more modern, not that I care about Steambox but new design is very messy

I dont know. I wouldnt say its messy. But I like that it has more buttons =). Its more practical and it increases the chance I will get one =).

Will this work for Windows OS or is it Steam OS only?

Scabrat said,

I dont know. I wouldnt say its messy. But I like that it has more buttons =). Its more practical and it increases the chance I will get one =).

Will this work for Windows OS or is it Steam OS only?

I am not sure if it will work on Windows as well but, as for me I love steam client on windows and my XBOX controller nicely satisfy my needs. as far as buttons, yes its nice to have but its so cluttered and close together. there is no space, position is also aweful. ps4 gamepad and Xbox 360 gamepads are both good, but I am not sure about this one. as far as steambox goes I don't care at all, even if I want to play in living room I can use HDMI cable on gaming laptop. I don't need steam box and linux games.

You may be right about the closeness of buttons =). I am not sure. I loved the PS2 controller the best out of all of the controllers, but that wont work for me on PC. XBOX ones do though. I may just snag one of those, or an xbox one controller when they are supported for wireless.

But the steamboxes and Steam OS isnt appealing to me either. Big Picture does the same thing I think and works with steam on windows so, I dont think it matters for me. And if I was going to make a steambox or a livingroom box I would snag one of those haswell boxes from intel and add my parts to it.

Anyways, the controller interests me a bit but not sure the price will be there anyways =).