Vanishing Point Game - SkypeCast POSTPONED

I'm really sorry to have to tell you guys this, but I've just been informed that 42 Entertainment, the developers of the Vanishing Point Game, have been asked by the sponsors to postpone the SkypeCast until after the winners have been announced. It is unclear why there has been a delay in announcing the winners, but rest assured Neowin and Unfiction will be right here hosting the chat when we're allowed to do it.

Microsoft, AMD... whenever you're ready guys ( ! )

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We know it was advertising, thats why we are making sure they do what they promised. So far, it looks like they are using us to milk their ad campaign. People are still disussing it on forums, and the vanishingpointgame site is still getting tons of hits Im sure.

Its pretty simple really, we agreed to their terms, written in black and white, winners will be announced 48 hours after the drawing, which took place as also stated in the rules on Feb2. Having quick winners like that drew more people in I feel. Thus, its false advertising.

How many people do you think would be joining this skypecast? Just looking at the numbers if you think it would be a lot of people involved I will put one together with our NASA astronaut and Pilot John Herrington, and possibly the winners of the contest while they are here at the Rocketplane Kistler offices.

Guess we should remember its Microsoft and when have they ever launched on time eh! So prizes sliping schedule should have been expected !

Guys read the thing more carefully:
"... postpone the SkypeCast UNTIL after the winners have been announced."
key being "after the winners have been announced" they are still planning to announce the winners, they are just late.

I don't know about you guys, but i m Canadian so i m used to things being at least 5 years late.

lets just keep waiting...

RichardK said,
Who cares, it was advertising and you gullible idiots fell for it.

pardon? i dont understand stupid.

anyway. this sucks. that looks like a really really good game like whattt ze heck?
*shakes head* just another time M$ let everyone one down

Nobody was under any deception that it was anything BUT a marketing campaign for Windows Vista, that was very clear from the outset.

Rob said,
Nobody was under any deception that it was anything BUT a marketing campaign for Windows Vista, that was very clear from the outset.

well yes. but still people expected something a little better than what they got. true?

I wish we knew more of what is happening, somethig is wrong big time, but why ? The game was fun, somethig did feel odd when the meta game went cold from end of week one through to the end, as if some one had given up on there end - well that was my feeling, and then the prizes, vanished or so it seems - despite the rules staing winner will be informed on 1st Feb, then others in 48 hours. Then we get good news about the chat, at least they were reaching out to the comunity - now this - the chat vanishes - no reason given - the prizes - no statments. What a mess, so unperfessional I feel cheated and let down by MS and AMD now, this for sure won't do them a lot of good publicty wise. Sad.

I'd have sympathy if I even knew what vanishing point was.

The majority of my attention has been focused on Spore, the rest of it on supreme commander, test drive unlimited, C&C 3, crysis and all the other awesome up and coming games this year.