VeriSign Issues IE7 Extended Validation SSL Certificate

New Groundbreaking EV UpgraderTechnology Will Enable All IE7 Browsers on Microsoft Windows XP Client Systems to Also Display the Green Address Bar

VeriSign), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, today announced the general availability of its Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates, which help protect users against online fraudulent activity by providing third party verification of a Web site's authenticity. These new certificates support Microsoft's IE7 and Vista operating system and also incorporate VeriSign's unique EV Upgrader technology enabling all Windows XP clients using IE7 to display the same green address bar and other interface enhancements as Windows Vista clients. VeriSign issued the first of these certificates to, one of the largest online retailers in North America.

"As one of the first Web sites to implement the new VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Certificates, continues to demonstrate leadership in making online shopping safer," said Jacob Hawkins, senior vice president of marketing at "When customers see the green browser bar and trusted VeriSign Secured Seal on our site, they can be confident that their online transactions are secure."

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The bar turns green? :P...seriously though, I barely pay attention to when the Firefox address bar goes yellow, so I doubt I would with IE7 to be honest, so whether companies choose to do this or not will probably go unnoticed by me :P

I'm not sure I get it.

The moment you move past the top 50, 100, or 200 big retailers, the question turns from "Is this site really Newegg" to "Wether or not this site is really, can be trusted in the first place?" And a green bar doesn't answer that question.

Oh yeah, just a way for it to screw people over even more. Itl be spoofed or some sites will use it and be spam. Racketeering describes it well.