VeriSign plans domain price hike

Verisign has the right to raise hosting costs 7% in four of the next six years after a December extension of a 1999 deal with ICANN granted the company control of the .com domain through 2012. Four months later, Verisign cited growing security costs and a new project to increase the capacity of domain name system servers as the main reasons for the $0.42 increase in .com wholesale prices to $6.42 and the $0.35 increase for .net domains to $3.85, which will take effect on October 15. The fees cover maintenance costs for each domain. The company sells the rights to registrars and hosting companies, who then rent the domains to consumers. The new pricing will primarily affect registrars, who might pass on the additional costs to consumers and businesses registering new domains.

VeriSign said that the increases were required because the internet is becoming more crowded and dangerous. The company claims that since 1999, the traffic load on its systems has increased by a factor 30 to 30 billion. In order to handle the traffic boom, Verisign plans to launch "Project Titan" which will increase the capacity of its DNS servers tenfold over the next three years. The company also cites a 700% in attacks since 2000, along with predicted rises of 50% in each of the next two years as requiring investments in security systems.

News source: vnunet

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for the $0.42 increase in .com wholesale prices to $6.42 and the $0.35 increase for .net domains to $3.85
The fees cover maintenance costs for each domain.

What is the difference between .com and .net except 3 bytes from maintenance (server) point? This looks like clear business decision from BS department.

We all saw this coming and it's no big shock really. This won't affect my purchases too much I'm sure. I use several registrars, it depends on what I want it for and which registrar I happen to like more at the time.

1and1, privacy is free and they bill me later instead of immediately.
GoDaddy, I can call them on the phone 24/7 and get someone that can speak english

I have used a few others but mostly just to try them out and haven't been impressed. This isn't a reflection on the ones mentioned in other posts here as I haven't tried them out but I will now.

This means registrars like GoDaddy will have either higher prices (not by much) or will just take the 35 to 42 cent increase.

And as for #1, it's the same thing. :P

I checked last time I was to renew my domains, and GoDaddy looked (and sounded) the most appealing. I just dislike their ads.

increases were required because the internet is becoming more crowded and dangerous
Where's the capital I?

Also, I agree with dragon2611, Namecheap is nowhere short of kickass.

I try not to work with companies that use these services. There's a great Web site called Bammstar Photography that has some amazing photos. You can order the photos up front and pay by check or cash. By avoiding the online credit services they avoid all the delays and extra overhead. This let's them pass great deals on to their customers. I think you can get to them via's Web site.

This better not cause iPowerWeb or Namecheap to make their really appealing prices go up, I really love the prices they offer!

Clint said,
I don't get it.. why do you use those places? I like 1&1, they're cheaper than both of those places..

Becuase namecheaps control panel is great IMO

1&1's isn't so great (i use both) :P