Verizon denies neglecting copper infrastructure over fibre

Verizon is facing allegations that all of its infrastructure investments are being poured into the deployment of FiOS, Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises network. During testimony given before the Virginia State Corporation Commission last week, Communications Workers of America union members said that Verizon has all but thrown in the towel on its copper infrastructure, saying that the equipment required to make repairs—including tools and cable—is not even available.

Verizon spokesperson Harry Mitchell retorted: "The allegations made by the Communications Workers of America are unfounded. I would take strong issue with the characterization of our copper network. We provide good quality service to our customers regardless of where they live. It's a challenge to balance the copper and fiber network investments. Quality of service is one of our differentiators, and we care about that. It's in our best interest to continue providing good service." As Verizon continues rolling out its FiOS network in its race to pass 18 million homes by 2010, the company plans to continue making significant capital investments in its copper network, according to Mitchell.

News source: Ars Technica

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Croquant said,
FiOS offers a theoretical maximum downstream speed of 77.75 MB/s, but the most bandwidth Verison will sell you is 50 MB/s. I wonder why?

Purhaps because they can include other services as well as internet?

Croquant said,
FiOS offers a theoretical maximum downstream speed of 77.75 MB/s, but the most bandwidth Verison will sell you is 50 MB/s. I wonder why?

Theroetical max is way more then that, right now they are using only three spectrums to transfer data... 1310 nm, 1550, 1490 nm i think, 1550 is for RF overlay (television), 1310 is for upstream, and 1490 is for downstream, right there you already basically took your max throughput and cut it into 3, and remember you have phone, internet and television over the same line! you you are dedicating 24KB/ps up and down for phone, and a TON of bandwidth for television for the areas that have it the true theoretical max for all throughput is 100 Gbps about 8 GB/ps if they add more spectrums... you have to remember this is version 1 of FIOS

Verizon started doing a big push in NH for FiOS about 2 years ago. Then all the sudden they stopped after getting a few towns up and pulled completely out of NH. Next thing you know, they announced they were selling their Northern New England phone network to Fairpoint Communications.

I absolutely hate phone companies.

Looks pretty similar here in Verizon served Los Angeles areas. Pretty much just Chino and some of Topanga got fiber AFAIK. I gave up interest in FiOS long ago. Since I want fiber, I'm probably going to have to end up in Japan, Korea, HK, or Sweden. Copper's fine for now I guess, but even that's pretty sketchy here. I share your hatred for phone companies AWA cable companies.

Heh. if you call into verizon tech support to order DSL, they will check your # for availability. If FIOS is available you *WILL* be transferred to the FiOS department to order it.....or atleast that used to be the policy

its funny with FiOS because its not even available in our town yet.. not scheduled for it until 2009, but at work we wanted a new internet connection, we called up verizon asked if we could get FiOS and they said sure, came out put 3 smart jack cards in our smart jack, run new fiber and we had 50mbit down... and yet you still cant order FiOS anywhere else in town... just love how a business can get it no questions asked but a home user its no its not here yet

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