Verizon introduces warranty service for your electronics

You can sit and argue, until the end of time, about the value of buying an extended warranty from a retailer and still get no where. While the debate will never end, the fact doesn't change that electronics do fail and Verizon is hoping that people will worry enough to turn to them for help.

In comes the Verizon Protection Pak (sic). The service will offer protection for televisions, computers, and landline phones regardless of their age. Protecting all the televisions in your home will run a cool $9.99 (U.S.) a month and it'll be an additional $9.99 if you also wish to cover all the PC's in your home. If you only want to cover one PC, you can save a few bucks and pay $6.99 a month. If you're really attached to your landline phones, $4.99 a month will also cover all of the phones in your residence, though we're not sure how many people are that desperate to save their phones once they fail.

The service is decently comprehensive, netting you repair and replacement coverage, including on-site service for larger devices, and power surge protection, for computers, televisions and telephones. The "Enhanced package" will also cover computer monitors (19" or smaller), modems, keyboards, mice, remote controls and FiOS backup batteries.

Not all is peaches and cream, though, as there are a few catches. First and foremost, pre-existing issues will not be covered under the plan. There will also be a $75 service fee attached to any work done on televisions, computers, and monitors. Lastly, Verizon insists that claims can not exceed $2,500 for televisions or PCs and $400 for phones for every 12 month rolling period.

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$9.99 (U.S.) a month seems pretty steep to me
SquareTrade covered my 52" Toshiba Plasma for like $78 for 3 years - on top of the warranty they manufacturer provides
*They always have promo codes to get 50% off or 30% off or whatever

The plan is probably administered by Asurion which is an extended warranty company. They also do extended warranty coverage on cell phones as well.

That was a slightly different service. You could choose individual services, such as paying $100 + for the installation of a stick of RAM.

This isn't exactly news (those of us that live in VZ-serviced areas and have either hardline or cellular service from VZ/VZW have been seeing information about this not-new service in bill inserts). This is basically an extension of VZ's long-existing Guardian inside-wiring protection/warranty plan to cover other electronics connected in some way to VZ/VZW services.

New? Nope. Surprising? Not really.

Verizon has had this service for a long time. I remembered it being offered to me here in Philadelphia when I first got FIOS in 2008.

For me, it isn't useful, but that's because I'm pretty technically inclined.

The prices really do seem reasonable. I may insure my aging HD CRT. Has run about 7,500 hours and is losing brightness month to month. Wonder how they work on items that are no longer in circulation?

This is what their Terms and Conditions state regarding replacements: "AT