Verizon makes it easier to get data when abroad, lowers the price

If you live in the US, traveling abroad with your phone and trying to understand your carrier's international data plan options and restrictions is often as clear as mud. When we took a Verizon device to Italy last year, the service was impeccable but we must admit, understanding the data rates was something of a challenge.

Something you don’t hear too often these days is that Verizon is making things easier for its customers - but that's exactly its aim, as it introduces new, simpler data roaming packages, and has actually chopped the price down. For $25.00, you get 100 MB of data, that’s it. Previously, it could cost you up to $100 for 70 MB of data; the new plans offer considerable savings.

While 100 MB is not enough to stream Netflix all day long, it will be enough to download your emails and browse the web sparingly without killing your wallet.

While data when roaming is still expensive, this drop by Verizon does make it bit more palatable and at least makes it an option rather than simply using a local SIM while traveling. 

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It's ... a reasonable start, given the market I suppose. My main question is whether you get cut off after you use that or can you still rack up huge changes without realising.

I heard data was free in Italy. Ok that's a lie. But this sort of reminds me of a loan shark lowering his rate from 250% a week to 200%...and you better be grateful for that too. :-)

The data prices HERE are too high IMO!! I pay $30 per month for only 4GB and that is not enough it should be at least 8GB. I wish I would have been in the smart phone phase when it was still unlimited thru them but I do believe they will pull that away from people very soon when their contracts are up and have to renew and to be honest they should! Take everyone's unlimited away and bump the package up of $30/for 8GB a month.

Thats all great if Verizon sold a decent phone that was a world phone. eg. support GSM which is the predominant technology in most of the world...

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