Verizon sells 2.2 million iPhones, says iPhone 5 will be global device

Verizon users have been waiting a long time to get their hands on the iPhone and when it went on sale, many were wondering how many units Verizon actually moved. Verizon has finally announced that they moved 2.2 million iPhones since launch with 22% of those coming from new customers.

It is clear that Verizon users were waiting for Apple's iconic device to land on their carrier of choice. But while sales figures were mentioned, Verizon also dropped a bit of information about the iPhone 5. The WSJ reports that Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo stated that he expected Verizon to be on a level playing field with AT&T for the iPhone 5 as the next generation device will be a global phone.

It was widely speculated that the next generation iPhone would have global capabilities as it is expected that the device will use a chip from Qualcomm that supports both GSM and CDMA. At this time, Apple has not announced when the iPhone 5 will land on retail shelves but it is currently rumored to land in September.

The iPhone has been a resounding success for Verizon and Apple. Moving 2.2 million units in the first quarter of availability shows that the device, while several months old at that point, was still highly desired by consumers.

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Dated 3G service? every verizon phone, but the thunderbolt is 3G or lower.
no multi-tasking? apparently you have never heard of iOS4
People in general don't want a global phone? Most businesses want global phones and if global phones are not important then why did the droid 2 switch to a global version and drop the non-global one? I hope you enjoyed your droid fanboy rant.

In other news, the Thunderbolt has outsold the Verizon iPhone 4 in late March.


People prefer 4GLTE over iPhones dated 3G service, dated OS and no flash, no multi-tasking. People in general don't want a global phone, they want faster service. Android FTW!

What are you going on about? The new iPad just came out, and Apple has released a new iPhone every year since the first.

Highly doubt there would be a new iPhone this year. New iPad? Makes sense, for the holiday season. iPhone? Not really. Doesn't make much business sense to release an iPhone now because phones are sold throughout the year and they're not really "gifts". Besides, the white iPhone was just released. Give it another 8 months (January/February 2012).

Figures. I held out for the iPhone on VZW because I personally despise AT&T and their crappy service. I get the iPhone 4 knowing the iPhone 5 was coming but didn't think it would be a huge improvement. Sure dual core, more memory, blah blah blah. I can live without that. But now the iPhone 5 is global! Damn it! Anyone want to buy a slightly used VZW iPhone 4??