Verizon Windows Phone 8 device in stores; some shortages already?

As promised last week, Verizon Wireless has now started selling its first two Windows Phone 8 devices in its stores. The nation's biggest wireless carrier, and the one with the biggest LTE network, now has the HTC Windows Phone 8X (in black and the exclusive red color) for $199.99 with a new two year contract.  It also has the exclusive on the Nokia Lumia 822, which it sells for $99 with a two year contract and a $50 rebate. It comes in black, white and grey colors.

This is a big move for Verizon, which launched Windows Phone 7 devices in 2010 but bypassed selling any of the Windows Phone 7.5 products from HTC, Samsung and Nokia in 2011 and later in 2012. It's also big for Microsoft, who have wanted more visibility for Windows Phone 8 products.

As always, if you want to go to an official Verizon Wireless store to purchase these new devices, it might be a good idea to call ahead to see if they are actually in stock. Calls to three Verizon stores in the Greenville, SC area showed that they had the Nokia Lumia 822 in stock but the HTC Windows Phone 8X was just on display at those stores with none actually available for sale yet.

Verizon will also have an exclusive on the Windows Phone 8-based Samsung ATIV Odyssey device, but there's no word on when it will be launched.

Image via Verizon

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"Supply issue". I stopped by the local Best Buy on the way to work to buy a 920 but they didn't have any WP8 devices on display. When I was told that I have to special order a WP8 device, which takes 2-3 days, I asked for the white one. They told me I only had the choice of black or blue.

But oddly enough I can order any of the 5 colors on Amazon with guaranteed 2 day shipping.

Best Buy's customer service left me black and blue alright.

JesseJ said,

But oddly enough I can order any of the 5 colors on Amazon with guaranteed 2 day shipping.

Best Buy's customer service left me black and blue alright.

Last I checked amazon is showing everything but black being 1-2 week back order..

off topic, but orange UK have sold out of the 820 and 920, 820 should be in stock again soon. This is after one day! Also HTC 8x is available. The 820 comes with free wireless charging pad and cover, extra covers (charge covers) are £20. The mrs has one on order but I'm stuck for 8 months with lumia 800

I've seen photos of a few VZW stores having their marque outside say something similar to "PREORDER YOUR NEW WINDOWS PHONE TODAY", as well as full sized window posters that have a big 8X on them saying "Simplicity achieved...", and even some store employees wearing black shirts with a WP8 styled VZW home screen with green and purple tiles that reads "Your phone, your life, your way... Windows Phone 8" at the bottom.

There seems to be a supply issue with the HTC 8X. There are a few people on VZW's community that pre-ordered the HTC 8X with delivery on 11/13 have yet to get confirmation of delivery and VZW customer support is clueless in what the problem is; nothing surprising. VZW isn't even sending out emails to those that pre-ordered that there is a problem with their order; such bad customer service IMHO.

The Lumia 822 seem to have been shipped without a hitch. So don't know if its a VZW issue or HTC that causing the short supply.

Also make sure to tell the salesman over the phone to not forget his keys to the back room where they are stored, so that you don't have to see them when you walk in to the store to try and purchase one.