Via Announces One-Watt Processor

CPU-maker Via Technologies has unveiled its 500MHz Eden CPU which it claims is the most power-efficient x86 processor yet produced. The new chip, joining Via's ultra-low voltage processor family designed primarily for ultra-mobile applications, draws only a single watt of power when in use, and just 0.1 watt when idle. Even better is that the CPU does not require a fan, due to its low power consumption. Manufactured with a 90nm process, the CPU sits on an ultra compact 21mm x 21mm NanoBGA2 package and features a 128KB L2 cache. Richard Brown, vice president of corporate marketing at Via, claimed that Eden's design "defines our 'small is beautiful' strategy" and "provides a way for embedded developers to push the market forward". Eden, along with several customer boards, will be showcased at the Embedded System Conference Taiwan, held on 23-24 August 2007 in Taipei.

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And this one was made using 90nm, image that ITNEL helps Via and they make 32-45nm CPU. And 500Mhz, it's fully can run Windows XP. I had Windows 2k on my first Pentium, I have Windows XP right now on Pentium II and it runs well. This CPU is even 2-2.5 times better than P II.

It was not made so that people can run windows, it is for hand held, car based sort of stuff. but it would run linux great, and probably out of the box.

My 266mhz Asus wl500gp router runs fine with 16mb ram, 32 mb flash storage. Does all of my wireless and network routing, can download torrents onto a usb connected hard drive, works as a printer server, web server, samba server, asterix and more. OpenWRT (LINUX) on it. I dont need a 500mhz processor.

It'd be interesting if this could be adapted to the higher performance stuff like Intel's processors that currently draw something like 65W or something? Or even better, graphics cards that are becoming bigger and bigger power hogs with massive heatsinks and loud fans.