VIA CPUs to stage comeback in low-cost PC market

With Hewlett-Packard (HP) said to have ordered 100,000 C7-M ULV processors for its initial mini-note low-cost PC launch, (which is expected to reach 500,000 units in total in 2008) while Gigabyte Technology's new M700 series UMPC (ultra mobile PC) will also adopt VIA Technologies' CPUs, the Taiwan-based chipmaker may have a chance of recover from its long series of losses, according to industry watchers. In addition to HP and Gigabyte, more hardware vendors are said to be evaluating VIA's CPUs for their UMPC and low-cost PC products.

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I got one of those Everex machines from Walmart with Vista Home on it for Christmas, with one of their cpu's in it. It DEFINITELY sucked with Vista installed, but doesn't run half bad for my kid and sometimes me, to play on, after I removed Vista and installed XP Pro. Runs MUCH better!

Also have Linux Blag70000 installed on it, which I'm using right now, and it runs pretty darn good!

Maybe they can get this cpu better though?

Maybe VIA will have a winner with their new CPU core, but the current C7 is painfully slow. Even at 1.6Ghz, it's about as fast as the Celeron 900Mhz used in the Asus EeePC.