Via eyes consumer electronics

Taiwan's Via Technologies Inc. will next month begin shipping a new motherboard series and chipset designed to be used in consumer electronics products. The EPIA EX series motherboard is a mini-ITX board, measuring 17 centimeters (cm) by 17 cm, the company said Thursday. The EX series board will be available in volume during January in two versions, the EX 15000G and EX 10000EG, which are designed to run with Via's low-power 1.5GHz and 1GHz C7 processors, respectively. Pricing for the boards, which are now available in sample quantities, was not disclosed.

The boards are the first based on Via's CX700M chipset, which includes a UniChrome II graphics core and a hardware HDTV (high-definition television) encoder, as well as the memory and peripheral interfaces used in traditional PC chipsets. Integrating all of these functions into a single chip allows computers to be smaller and consume less power. The EX motherboards and the CX700M are intended for use in small computers for consumer electronics applications, such as a digital set-top box. They will be on display at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Via said.

News source: InfoWorld

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well via processor and graphics are just so bad that it wont run vista at all, so its kinda waste of time for intel to deal with them.

Via has to make this move towards consumer electronics happen fast. Due to the "bad blood" that is now coming to light between Via and Intel it is very possible Via will no longer be allowed to produce mainboard chipsets utilizing or supporting intel chips. This is specifically because intel wants Via to stop production of their C series processors, but since they can't directly force them to do that they figure if they destroy their bottom line which is made off their motherboard sales it will work just as well...

Its going to be some interesting times thats for sure

shh would that not be a case of anti trust i wonder?

Will via be another amd ?

I'm not suprised that via is eyeing consumer electronic. It's C series processors are more than capable of running small operating system at a low energy cost. I can easely see various devices running an embeled linux on this mobo.