VIA starts shipping PCIe-enabled P4 and K8 chipsets

VIA Technologies has begun shipments of its PCIe-enabled integrated chipsets supporting Pentium 4 and K8 platforms this quarter, albeit in small volumes, according to company sources. The sources noted that though demand for VIA's integrated chipset, the P4M890, had been strong in October-November, ATI Technologies has recently been the major beneficiary of a tight supply of Intel's entry-level chipsets, including the 910GL and 915GL/GV lineups.

To catch up with increasing demand, VIA plans to launch the next-generation of its PCIe-enabled P4-series integrated chipset, the P4M900, in the second quarter of next year, the sources noted, adding that the P4M900 will be built with a DX9-supporting graphics core, Delta Chrome, instead of the Uni Chrome Pro graphics core that is used in the P4M890.

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News source: DigiTimes

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