Viacom and Time Warner Cable reach agreement, for now

Time Warner Cable and Viacom have, for the moment, settled a dispute that could have resulted in 19 Viacom channels, including MTV and Nickelodeon, being taken off Time Warner Cable's network. All 19 channels were due to go dark at 12:01 on January 1, 2009, but a quick, if not rushed agreement was made.

The dispute was created due to Viacom requesting a change in carriage fees from Time Warner Cable. Viacom wanted an increase of 25 cents a month, per subscriber, working out to be $2.76 per year. This would have resulted in an extra $39 million being paid to Viacom, something that Time Warner Cable disputed, as they already pay Viacom $300 million annually.

However, a last minute agreement was made on the same day Viacom's channels were due for removal; although it's unlikely Viacom will stay quiet for long. During the dispute, Viacom released several television and newspaper adverts attacking Time Warner Cable, one requesting that all viewers phone up Time Warner Cable and demand they don't remove Viacom channels.

On the day, Time Warner Cable said, "We are pleased that our customers will continue to be able to watch the programming they enjoy on MTV Networks. We are sorry they had to endure a day of public disagreement as we worked through this negotiation". Viacom has been at the centre of several controversial issues recently, including the YouTube litigation. However, unlike the last ones, this time Viacom was on the receiving end - and escaped something that could have been very costly.

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The only one that would have bugged me was the lack of Comedy Central. Everything else I could have done away with. Still, Viacom are a bunch of greedy tards.

Marshalus said,
The only one that would have bugged me was the lack of Comedy Central. Everything else I could have done away with. Still, Viacom are a bunch of greedy tards.

They can even keep that. As far as I'm concerned all they put out is dribble. I'd like CC if the shows on it weren't so crass. Filthy humor is only funny until you realize anyone can write it.

I didn't put this in the article, but this is a snip (taken from their press release) from Viacom's initial reaction to Time Warner Cable refusing to increase carriage fees:

The move by Time Warner Cable to force such channels as Nickelodeon, COMEDY CENTRAL and MTV off the air is another example of a cable company overreaching for profit at the expense of its viewers.

Make of it what you will, but it seemed quite hypocritical to me.

They (TWC) seemed to be defending 'low' rates in that statement though... otherwise a rate hike would be needed just for viacom.

Maybe they should consider doing like they do for movie channels (hbo, starz)... a Viacom add-on xD

I remember a few years back when Viacom tried this with Dish Network, and Dish network didnt budge because they would have to raise their rates, in the end, it all worked ot, but Viacom are being a bunch of greedy ******* on this one.