Viber finally launches desktop support for Windows and Mac

Viber has been competing with other VoIP mobile services for some time and has a number of apps available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and, yes, Windows Phone, which it debuted in 2012. However, unlike its biggest rival Skype, Viber has never released a desktop client for PCs ... until today.

Viber has now made its free desktop software available for download for both Windows and Mac computers. Both versions allow Viber users to chat with each other via text, voice or even video, in a first for Viber users. If you use any of Viber's mobile apps, the contacts and messages made with those clients can sync up with the desktop PC versions. In fact, ongoing calls made on the desktop clients can quickly be moved to the mobile versions and vice versa.

Viber's press release also states that the service now has 200 million users worldwide. In addition, the company has launched new versions of its Android, iOS and BlackBerry apps. The iOS and Android apps now include video calls, along with photo improvements, new stickers, a new voice engine, new language support and more. The Android app also gets a new user interface,  adhering to Google's Holo design.

Source: Viber

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Had troubles getting Viber for Desktop to connect to my cellphone - app kept truncating my cellphone number. Solution seemed to be (a) select your country / flag (b) enter your cellphone with the international code as if someone were dialling it from overseas, eg Aus +61, then cellphone.

Activation code was then sent to my mobile device.

Just downloaded it, loving it. Its good when you have pictures to share with family, most of my family have semi-smart phones that have Whats App and Viber, so its convenient to MSG and share pictures.

i have it but i haven't used it... how does it compare to skype for those who use it for calling/messaging?

i use skype daily but i hate when my messages get delayed on it.

Good for Viber, but not sure how useful it is for me. Not many of many contacts use Viber - like 10 people out of 200ish contacts. More of my contacts use whatsapp