Viber for Windows Phone 8 now supports calling phone numbers

The Windows Phone 8 version of the popular VoIP application, Viber, has been updated to support calling phone numbers using the Viber Out feature.

Viber which is a direct competitor to Skype in emerging markets was recently purchased by Japanese online retailer Rakuten for $900 million and this is the first major update for its Windows Phone version since October 2013.

The Viber Out feature was first introduced in version 4.1 on Android and iOS devices in December and has taken nearly four months to arrive on Windows Phone. Using Viber Out, users can call landline and mobile numbers around the world using WiFi or cellular data connections with credit stored in the user's account. Users can manage their Viber Out account on the company's website here..

In addition to Viber Out, the latest update to the Viber app also enables support for Bluetooth headsets for calls. The app now allows users to share multiple images at a time as well as video messages.

 Source: Windows Phone Store via Engadget | Image via Windows Phone Blog

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Viber is really, REALLY good. It's really popular in Asia. It does not do video calling as of yet, but it's voice calling...the audio, blows Skype out of the water.

Unlike Skype, it does not have the same featureset. Skype can actually replace your landline home phone. As for Viber, not yet. According to this neowin post, Viber is half way there. All they need is a calling-in feature with a personal phone number and, IMO, will be the best audio communication service on the Internet. Believe me, that for a legal professional (such as myself) who travels a lot internationally, Viber can blow Skype out the water when it comes to voice calling because the quality is that good.

Viber's text chat is your normal-standard WhatsApp, BBM, Google Hangouts type of experience. The main difference among them all, is that Viber has "stickers," which are pretty much fun cartoon emoji that you can use or buy. Some stickers are even Disney licensed.

So, does everyone need to install Viber? In the United States, no. With unlimited calling,'s not necessary. However, if one installs Viber on their phone, he or she will know if the people in their Contacts list also use Viber, because the service will automatically make the connection. Skype can do the same thing, but it's not as seamless as Viber and you always have to turn on the App to make it work. With Viber, it's not necessary. As for video chat,....right now it's a novelty. Not many people will make calls with video all the time, therefore Viber's audio calling still has tremendous value.

I recommend all those with Asian, Australian, and other Far Eastern decent who have relatives or friends from that area and who have their name and numbers in their phone's contact list to install Viber. You'll see what I mean.

Like I said, Viber's call quality blows Skype away.

Viber does do video calling, using the desktop client. I use it practically daily. It feels more nimble footed than Skype for fast video call solutions

Never used it. It seems to be pretty much Skype's featureset with some other wizbang stuff. Can anybody tell me what's different between the two that use them?

MrHumpty said,
Never used it. It seems to be pretty much Skype's featureset with some other wizbang stuff. Can anybody tell me what's different between the two that use them?

Isn't that story of every other messaging app?