Video: An hour of Star Wars Battlefront III footage

I'm sure many NeoGamr readers are heartbroken that Star Wars: Battlefront III was cancelled before it ever made it to the market, but unfortunately some companies (LucasArts in this case) just make bad decisions. This decision was especially terrible considering the game was very close to completion back 2008.

Alas, it's one of the many missed sequel opportunities in video game history, and so to see what the game might have been like you can watch a full 56 minutes of gameplay footage from an alpha build of Battlefront III - courtesy of Past to Present Online. Some of the footage reveals somewhat complete missions and maps, but others are clearly unfinished with bad framerates and rough textures.

Anyway if you have an hour to devote to footage of a game that will (probably) never be released, check out the YouTube video below.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Past to Present Online

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Shaun said,

What exactly did you expect going into the video? The game wasn't anywhere near complete, I mean you are lucky if that would be considered pre-alpha footage after all. It's not like he could go online and start playing a 64 player multiplayer match and blow everything up in sight you know