Video gaming world cup hits Paris

Thousands of gamers are in Paris over the next four days for the Electronic Sports World Cup grand final. More than 750 players are competing for $200,000 (£99,200) in prize money, with about 5,000 spectators expected. The games being played include CounterStrike, Quake 4, Warcraft 3 and Pro Evolution Soccer 4. There is also a women-only CounterStrike tournament. David Heuze, communications manager for the event, said: "The best video game players in the world are here." Mr Heuze said the atmosphere during games was similar to a football match. "It's crazy. There is a lot of noise and cheering.

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News source: BBC News

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Harreh said,
Bleh, I have to pay for the cs HLTV .dem files on gotfrag :/.

errr... no, you just need to register an account. I think you clicked a link for 'Prime' members, that's their paid service faster downloads, articles, etc.

The problem was I didn't think the "Download now »" text was a link for me to download it, since the one above it wasn't. I was expecting the link below it, but it just had some text saying I can get it, but could get it faster if I payed them, then the next bit gave a link for me to pay them.