Viewdle to take tagging to the next level

Long gone are the days when a photo was simply a photo. Now, one Silicon Valley startup is aiming to ensure no photo hits the web without everyone knowing exactly who's in it.

Viewdle's idea is simple: photo tagging, without the need for the cloud. The pre-tagged image or images can then be sent to various sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr.

The Palo Alto based startup first appeared on the tech radar last October, when the company's chief product officer, Jason Mitura, told ReadWriteWeb that Viewdle had secured US$10 million in backing from companies including Best Buy, Blackberry and Qualcomm.

Fast forward four months and IntoMobile, among others, has grabbed a first-hand look at a working version of Viewdle's technology at the Mobile World Congress. The app IntoMobile tried was running on a Motorola Droid and seemed to have little trouble recognising a Viewdle employee on the floor at MWC. Exactly how much ''training'' the app required to reach that point is, however, unclear.

According to the Wall Street Journal, what Viewdle showed off at MWC is just the beginning. In time, the company hopes to be able to offer a real-time tagging experience, similar to the video shown below. The article seems to suggest that tagging would not be entirely ''cloud-free'', with the technology needing to have images ''shown'' to it before working its magic. Those images would likely need to come from social networking sites.

Viewdle has also made it clear that their technology is aimed at OEMs, but told the Journal the company will have its own app available - only for Android - late next month.

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And the sheeple will run to it with open arms, praising its value...While screaming that cameras on streets are a violation of their head hurts trying to figure my country out anymore.

Interesting, one of the characters on the last episode of Lie To Me made a social network site that did something similar to this.

IceBreakerG said,
Interesting, one of the characters on the last episode of Lie To Me made a social network site that did something similar to this.

I thought of that too! Love Lie to Me, such a great show

So this could potentially be used by anyone to find out who people are and yet a database run by the government is not allowed?


However What a great tool for advertising, almost along the lines of Minority Report where it can identify you and direct advertisments just for you

Embeding the demo video would make sense, the promo video is way off from being reality.

This live auto tagging stuff scares me when i think of how they will get abused in the future.. Stalkers would know enough about you without even having to do anything, all it takes is one photo.

Hopefully services like this will have some sort of friends list or facebook intergration so that random people wouldnt get any of your information unless you allow it.

The motion tracking in that video was really off.

Apart from that, i can see huge privacy issues coming from this - but even so, i LIKE!