Vine available for Android devices today [Update]

A little more than a week ago, Twitter announced that Vine, its short-video sharing app, would make its way to Android "soon." That promise has now been fulfilled, as Vine will be available for Google's mobile operating system sometime today.

Android's Vine app will include the majority of the features available on its iOS counterpart, including video creation and sharing, exploring posts, and finding friends. An additional feature exclusive to Android, zoom, will let users magnify videos. Several features found on the iOS version won't be available at launch, but Twitter plans to add them in impending updates.

"Over the coming weeks, you’ll see frequent updates with new features – including front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook – as well as bug fixes and performance improvements," wrote Sara Haider, an engineer on the app, in a blog post. "Of course, this is only the beginning – we have exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android."

Haider also announced that Vine's user base has increased to 13 million, though no comparison was given to earlier usage of the app. A recent study estimated that about 8 percent of iPhone users had installed the app as of April.

Vine will require Android 4.0 or newer when it becomes available on the Google Play store. Twitter hasn't announced plans to bring the app to Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices.

Update: The app is now available on the Google Play store.

Source: Twitter | Image via Twitter

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Vine is awesome - nowhere as stupid as instagram's silliness. Would love to have it on Windows Phone, especially with Nokia's cameras and their Optical Image Stabilization.

I hope WP8 gets this app, youtube has limitations and Vine is the start of something to quickly share videos taken on your phone to the web and your friends. 5 seconds is a little short but it has to work over slow connections. If everyone starts using proper 4G, I see no reason why Vine or another app like it would allow longer videos.

When it was first released for IPhone, I noticed there was no restriction on which devices it would run on, so as an experiment, installed it on my 3rd generation ipod touch. You know, the one without a camera.

As expected it fell over in a big heap. ha ha.

I'd heard of vine a while ago but I never bothered to actually see what it was. After reading the above comment I just Google searched it and yes, yes it is a stupid app.