Vine to be released for Windows Phone

Vine is coming soon to Windows Phone 8, as this mock-up shows.

When Nokia announced its 41-megapixel Lumia 1020, it also announced a bevy of apps that would be coming to Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, some of which are set to be exclusive to Nokia devices. Tucked away in a press release, however, Nokia has revealed one app it didn't announce during its presentation: Vine.

In the press release, Nokia slid in the mention of Vine – the short video sharing service – with the apps it formally announced. "It was also announced that popular applications Vine, Path and Flipboard will soon be available on Windows Phone," the press release states, though it doesn't specifically mention the app as a Lumia exclusive, likely meaning it will be released for all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Notably, Vine looks set to arrive before Instagram, the photo- and video-sharing app that's been frequently requested for Windows Phone. Instagram recently added its video-sharing capabilities after Vine, which was developed by Twitter, was released. Vine was initially released for iOS in January; an Android version followed in June, when Twitter also added the capability to view Vine videos to its Windows Phone app.

An exact release date for the Windows Phone version of Vine has yet to be announced.

Source: Nokia via MobileSyrup

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When it's the norm to develop for iOS, Android and WP that's when WP will really start to take off. We aren't at that point yet but this is a sign that it's getting close.

Vine is Twitter's, and Twitter has shown good support for Microsoft new OS's, releasing official apps for them. Good for Twitter. Contrary to Facebook, who is Microsoft's "ally". It's a strange world, the one of technology.

Rudy said he submitted it to the marketplace as public.. so I would only assume, unless it was denied somewhere along the way.

Yeah, the official app scene on WP has really started to pick up as of late. Good to see overall and though I don't use these things it's good to still have them. Some say this could force instagram to make an official app as well, I dunno though but I expect they'll make an app as well in time.