Viral website launches for Xbox One exclusive game 'Sunset Overdrive'

"Sunset Overdrive" was teased at E3 2013 as an exclusive shooter for Microsoft's Xbox One console, and it appears this year's E3 will show the game in all its glory, if a new viral website is any indication.

Microsoft and developer Insomniac Games have launched a website for OverCharge Delirium XT, the fictional beverage in "Sunset Overdrive." According to the site, Delirium XT will allow users to "become a better you," likely hinting that the beverage will power up users with special abilities.

Six characters are also listed on the website, as well as two locations. Food appears to be a major aspect of the game, as "SexBurger" is one of the locations.

Notably, the site features four "coming soon" locations: Los Angeles on June 9 (E3), San Diego on July 24 (Comic-Con International), Cologne on Aug. 13 (Germany's Gamescom), and Seattle on Aug. 30 (PAX Prime). Presumably, this would mean the game would at least be demonstrated at these gaming conferences, although it seems more likely it would be playable at some of them, as the game is expected to release this year.

Given the website, more information on "Sunset Overdrive" could actually be released this month in advance of E3. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, recently wrote on Twitter that it will be a "good month" for gaming news as his team has some things planned for May instead of E3.

Source: OverCharge Delirium XT via Polygon

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The end is pretty funny!

"01: You should assume that all materials, designs, text, and images on the Site are property of Fizzco. If you use anything on this site without consent from Fizzco, we will be deeply hurt. And then we will make sure you are financially unstable for generations. No screenshots, no poor fan-art, and no imagining the OverCharge logo in your head. 02: By viewing the Site, you are required, by law, to inform at least two living humans about the benefits and great taste of OverCharge Delirium XT. Failure to do so within 48 hours of site-viewage will result in up to 17 years of incarceration in a federal prison. 03: Any misinformation, negative words, or unhappy thoughts about OverCharge Delirium XT or Fizzco is punishable by prison time. Alternatively, you can also opt to serve your sentence in the beautiful and well-disinfected Fizzco Research Labs. 04: Adding any unseemly sexually organs to the Fizzco Trademarked, Fizzie mascot, is both gross and punishable by up to two million hours of community service. Specifically, community service in the Fizzco Research Labs. 05: Individuals browsing the Site with more than thirteen tabs open are required to close all tabs before continuing reading the Site. OverCharge Delirium XT deserves your full attention. 06: Fizzco has swept through - and now owns- all the content on your computer. We also have the right to use it in any way we see fit. We probably won't, though. You're not that interesting. 07: Complaining about Clause 06 on any social media site is prohibited and ,frankly, a little hypocritical.

Fizzco is also not responsible for any illnesses or problems that may occur from drinking OverCharge Delirium XT, including, but not limited to: urinary tract infections, tummy aches, gross burping, water intoxication, acid reflux, heart attack, depression, tripping embarrassingly, urinating, urinating a lot, urinating way too much, gastrointestinal reaction, brain aneurisms, disturbing fantasies, assault and battery, poor judgment, pregnancy, itching, aggression, uncoordinated dancing, and death. Drink at your own risk. Love at your own risk."

Sszecret said,
The parkour-like bits remind me of Mirror's Edge.

I havent played Mirror's Edge but it reminded me of Titan Fall =).