Virgin Media launches trial web video-on-demand player [UK]

Virgin Media announced today that it will be launching a trial of its first online and mobile TV player: Virgin Media Player.

Virgin Media has confirmed 'hundreds of hours' of content for the beta trial including ITV, LIVING, Disney, Cartoon Network, National Geographic and a range of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon shows.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said: “MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon already offer some hugely popular shows on our TV on demand platform so we’re delighted to be expanding our line-up across all three screens. We continue to explore innovative new ways to bring our customers’ favourite content to them and, with Virgin Media Player, we’re making sure they’re spoilt for choice.”

Virgin plans to launch the trial later today and will offer Virgin Media XL TV customers, who also have a broadband connection with the company, a first look at the beta Virgin Media Player by registering at Virgin Media Player on mobile will launch with 4oD content initially. It's not yet clear which mobile devices are supported. Virgin Media plans to bring more content to their Player as the company builds towards a full launch of the player later this year.

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Okay, I had no idea that Virgin Media announced that it will be launching a trial of its first online and mobile TV player, and again I am a bit late to hear the news.

I knew there would be a catch ... Below is some information about the Web Media player
Pay perticular attenchtion to the last part on pricing...
Here is the Q&A about the Mobile TV Media Player service

Which web browser can I use?
Here are all the web browsers that you can watch Virgin Media Player on.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above (PC)
Mozilla Firefox 3 and above (PC or Mac)
Safari (Mac)
Google Chrome (PC or Mac)
Unfortunately, Virgin Media Player won't work in Internet Explorer 6.
Do I need to use JavaScript?
Yes. Most browsers will already have this enabled, but do check before you try watching Virgin Media Player.
Click here to go to Virgin Media Player now
How do I watch Virgin Media Player on My Mobile?
Can I watch Virgin Media Player on my mobile phone?
Yes! You can watch a selection of shows from Virgin TV with Virgin Media Player on your mobile. It's available on any network, as long as you've got Virgin TV XL and Virgin Broadband. Virgin Mobile customers get their first hour free!
How much will it cost?
You can choose from a range of passes to watch your favourite shows on Virgin Media Player. The cost of a Player Pass will pop up when you try to watch a TV show or click on the Get Player Pass link. Virgin Mobile customers won't be charged for mobile web while browsing or streaming shows from Player site, though other networks might charge for browsing and streaming, so do check before you watch.
What do I need to watch shows on my mobile?
All you need is a Player Pass and a 3G phone, with a 3G connection. You'll also need to be within the UK.
How do I activate my Player Pass?
You'll just need to sign in with your Virgin Media email address and password and it'll be applied automatically.
Can I watch shows on my mobile over a Wi-Fi connection?
Sorry, we're not able to offer Player over a Wi-Fi connection at the moment, but we're working on it. Watch this space!
Can I watch shows when I'm abroad?
Sorry! Because of rights agreements, you can only watch shows on Player in the UK.
How can I check how many minutes I have left on my Player Pass?
You'll see the total number of minutes you have left at the top of the Player homepage. You can also click on it to see passes you've bought or activated.
Can I use Virgin Media Player on my iPhone or iPad?
Sorry! Since Flash isn't supported on the iPhone and iPad at the moment, Virgin Media Player won't work on them.
How so I find Virgin Media Player on my mobile?
Just go to in your mobile web browser.
If you have a Virgin Mobile phone, click the Virgin Media logo on your home screen and follow the links to Player on the Virgin Media homepage.
If you're a Virgin TV XL customer, you'll need to log in from the Buy Pass page with your Virgin Media email and password. That'll activate your free 1 hour pass each day, or you can buy a discounted 1 hour pass from there too.
How much does it cost?
If you've got Virgin TV XL and a mobile from Virgin Media, you can watch 1 hour a day for free.
If you've got Virgin TV XL and a mobile from another network, you can watch 1 hour a day for £1 per pass.
If you'd like to watch more, you can buy another pass, depending on how much you'd like to see:
15 mins: £0.60
30 mins: £1.00
45 mins: £1.50
60 mins: £1.75

WAYHAY!!! "Virgin Media XL TV customers, who also have a broadband connection with the company," That's me

No signup option though, just says Coming soon...

Gothic_Rebel said,
I hope they will offer a good wide range of shows that I can access on my iPhone. I'd be a happy happy guy.

You'd only be happy if you could play WoW on your phone
But seriously tho Virgin Media needs an app like Sky has for setting up the Box to record a program from your remote.

Hopfully Virgin Media will allow the player to be accessed on iphone and Android phones.
As for the Tv content only time will tell