Virgin Mobile USA hit with 18 hour text and data outage

If you are one of the users of Virgin Mobile USA's devices, you likely were not a happy camper on Tuesday and earlier today. The pre-paid wireless carrier admitted on Tuesday on its Facebook page that it was "experiencing a national data & text messaging outage. Our engineers are working diligently to resolve it."

About 18 hours later, the company's Facebook page posted an update, announcing, "We are happy to report that the outage has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please try removing your battery and restarting your device. Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience."

Virgin Mobile USA actually leases its wireless bandwidth from Sprint, but there was no reports of any issues on Sprint's network by its customers. So far Virgin Mobile USA has yet to give an explanation as to what happened to its text and data services this week; there's also no word if the company plans to offer any compensation to its customers.

Virgin Mobile's outage follows news last month that Verizon customers got hit with their own service issues in February; 4G services for that provider went down for a few hours before being restored.

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I'm on their network, and I'm pretty sure I didn't experience this. I'm sure I would have noticed an outage like that. Anybody else not have any problems?

I use VM and I didn't notice an outage either. But, I primarily use Wifi and I don't do much texting, so I may not have noticed if there was a problem.

well i've noticed my data speeds drop significantly since then, i think they are in the process of implementing the 2.5 data cap, followed by a throttled service. which i blow through fairly quickly, mind you ;/

Until I read the full article, I was going to blame it on Sprint's sh**y network. But since Sprint customers had no issue, that's odd...

Oh Noes! I rely on text messaging to text my cell phone with the caller ID info of people who call my house. But I do have a fall back, I also have it send a message to my phone gmail account along with a copy of the message!

Oh ouch, that is just unacceptable. I rely heavily on my texts/data plan, as I have to use them for on-call situations (more so text). I have Verizon, but I have yet to see any outage (4G has never gone down in my area - even with all the downtimes Verizon has had).