Vista and Office: The WOW Starts Now!

It's official! The consumer release of Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be celebrated in New York on January 29 at a launch event the software giant has dubbed "The WOW starts now." The invitation to "The "WOW starts now" event includes a note signed by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, in which he says that, "on January 29th, Microsoft will celebrate the launch of two amazing products that represent the culmination of a tremendous team effort."

Attendees will be treated to a celebratory lunch at Manhattan's famous Cipriani restaurant, followed by the actual launch event at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square later in the day.

Gates goes on to say that millions of people--Microsoft employees, developers, customers, bloggers, families, media, the entire industry--"have come together like never before and added their own individual imprints to help make Windows Vista and 2007 Microsoft Office system the most tested products in Microsoft history."

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Great. Now everyone gets to pay through the nose for a more bloated less useful version of software that hasn't improved in 6 years. I'm a sucker and keep buying the newer versions of office, but honestly the old crap version on WinME at work seem to do exactly what I ask them to, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Maybe I'm just getting set in my ways... eek.

WOW, look at the driver compatibility!

Not really. :P I'm getting it when it comes out, and I hope it doesn't work nothing like RC1 (I had rewrote the RC2 disk so I had to use RC1, which went into a blue screen loop with different errors each time, and the testing was over before I got my new PC to really test it on, anyway).

Yeah the price for OEM Home Premium is much better than I thought. I've bought and installed OEM MCE2005 when building a system, so OEM Vista should be just as easy right? The price difference between OEM and retail is so huge I keep thinking there must be a catch.


I bought MCE 2005 from the company mentioned, for around the same price too.

mmm, but don't you have to be a registered partner to use this and get the CD Keys? Ebuyer is offering a similar deal where you buy XP Pro and get Vista free but you can only get CD Keys for OEM Vista if you are a registered MS Company partner and are a company that can prove you build commercial systems.

gah just hurry up and launch it to the public already , im sick of this site being turned into a massive vista bumming session it will flop thats my opinion (and Hope) so deal with it