Vista Battery Saver Beta 2

This tinny program will save up to 70% of your battery by disabling those nice, but greedy Vista features. Running in task bar with private workset of 5.5M and 0% CPU it will do all work for you, by enabling and disabling customizable features when power source changed or battery power fall under certain percent.

All timers completely removed
New power management API used
Completely removed managed power management wrappers

Features added
Power plans management

Bug fixes
Wake from sleep
Battery level disablement
Notification messages
Running application with sidebar
Rerun sidebar after it was disabled by policy

More information in this blog post

Download: Vista Battery Saver Beta 2 freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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Nice tool (i hope it works too). But, on the other hand.. When my battery charge level reaches 30%, I go and plug the charger on.