Vista day looms tomorrow

ANALYSTS ARE are being invited to the release of Microsoft's long awaited Vista operating system and Office 2007 tomorrow. There will be a bit of shin-dig somewhere swanky in New York and London tomorrow. It will be for businesses only and the rest of the unwashed riff-raff - including the INQ - will be kept outside.

Vista will be available for ordinary consumers on January 30, 2007, according to Microsoft co-president of platforms Jim Allchin. Then the marketing machine will switch into gear.

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does this means HP, Dell and others are going to have Vista on laptops and desktops this year? wanna buy a laptop, but I'm waiting for vista. hopefully I wouldn't have to wait till January

I know that, but the problem is that most of the software that comes installed right now, is under XP and may not run so well under Vista. 2nd reason is that most of the laptops have a HDD partition reserved for recovery and that would be a waste if I'll have Vista shiped later. I wouldn't be able to set a recovery with Vista on that HDD partition. Also heard that laptops with Vista will also have the DX10 compatible video cards too.

Dell is already giving Vista for people who get Windows XP Pro or MCE with their systems, they'll mail it to you when it's released.

Quote - rIaHc3 said @ #6
More releasing? Great; Better for pirates.

And NYC? Man thats gonna be on the street in 5 minutes for 80% less cost...

I think the pirates will be quite happy with the bussiness release as well

wait for a dx10 card with vista pc, buying pc right now its not worthy wait for vista people.

The same i can say about apple macbook wait for the new release next year. Many of us still have a good pc

how soon do you think manufacturers such as HP would have DX10 video cards? are they going to have it as soon as Vista would show up on their laptops?

Quote - rIaHc3 said @ #8.2
Stupid advice. Any DX9 card will be great and when/if you need games just upgrade your card and thats it.

can you upgrade a video card on a laptop? never heard before. might wanna read more careful next time

Quote - Ady831 said @ #8.3

can you upgrade a video card on a laptop? never heard before. might wanna read more careful next time

1. He said PC
2. Yes you can. On select models you can update the video card.

might wanna have more knowledge before you post next time...

Quote - Ady831 said @ #8.3

can you upgrade a video card on a laptop? never heard before. might wanna read more careful next time

You can upgrade video cards in many Dell laptops, just so long as you bought it with a non-onboard card (IE, a ATI card, or Nvidia, not a Intel card). I can upgrade my 9400 to a 7950gtx if I want...

Shouldn't take that YOU'VE never heard of it meaning that it can't be done...

And there aren't any DX10 cards available YET on laptops that I've seen, but give them a bit of time (I'd say by Vista release, you'll be able to get DX10 cards in your lappy).

Word on the street is that it will be made available on MSDNAA some time between the 1st and 8th of December depending on how long it's going to take to reel off god-knows-how-many serial numbers. Then it's up to the universities to make 'em available to us, the Sooner the better, screw developing for XP :P

Oh and the version that will be available will be the Business Version, was hoping for Ultimate but hey, one can dream eh :P

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