Vista did not sell only 244 Copies in China

Microsoft says that a report that it sold only 244 copies of Vista in China in the first two weeks is just plain wrong, the Softies say. "Recent speculation regarding sales data in China is inaccurate," Microsoft said in response to an inquiry from CNET "We're pleased with the positive consumer response we've seen around the globe to the security and usability enhancements in Windows Vista--and China is no exception." Microsoft wouldn't totally clear things up by saying just how many copies it has sold in China, but it did say the first month's sales of boxed Vista copies in China were double those XP had in its first month.

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toadeater said,

Who cares what Apple does?

probably the people here going "haha M$ sux cuz theyre windows is so **** no one wants 2 buy it!!1! roflcopter"

i think it must have been a typo error, i think they only sold 24

im kidding. im a mac and linux user but i also love vista.

i do hope m$ sell lots of vista's. apart from vista driver issues with old hardware, i still think vista is a very good operating system.

One thing is that vista doesn't sell much, and another thing is vista selling 244 copies in one of the most populated countries in the world

Wow, you guys must be having fun, repeating the same tired joke again and again. The irony is, you're making fun of something that isn't even vaguely true x)

Comments on the original article also found the 244 number hard to believe.

I think the number speculated to actually be sold was 1, and the other 243 "given away" as promos by Microsoft.

riku0116 said,

Hey, a dollar IS a dollar, you know. XD

Microsoft does not count that as a sell because they get nothing from it. The dollar goes to the bootleggers.

"it did say the first month's sales of boxed Vista copies in China were double those XP had in its first month"

So Windows XP sold only 122 copies in the first month in China?

Of course the number 244 is wrong, it's 245 now :P

Meaning they sold 122.5 copies of XP in the first month; impressive! (especially the half)