Vista SP1 RC Refresh Public Availability Program 936330

Install Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate through Windows Update
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC Refresh is available to Beta testers through Windows Update. Experience the WU installation path for Windows Vista SP1 by following these simple steps and give us your feedback to improve our quality.

Installing the Service Pack
There are two ways to install the service pack, first, as a pop-up notification that the service pack is ready to be installed (this is the method in which most users will install the service pack) and using multiple manual installations from Windows Update. The first method is the simplest, but may take up to four days for the Windows Update Automatic Update feature to deliver each of the 3 prerequisites and the service pack. Windows Vista SP1 distributed through Windows Update will be applicable to Windows Vista machines that are running on any of the 36 languages supported by Windows Vista RTM.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition; Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition

Download: Vista SP1 RC Refresh Public Availability Program 936330
Link: Home Page

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Hmm...after reading some less than favourable reviews of SP1 in relevant PC websites/mags stating performance is still an issue and that the copying has been sorted...but not dramatically, I'm unsure whether to even bother with it.

removed the last public build and installed this, seems the same to me so far, one thing i did notice is there's no longer an evaluation message in the bottom right corner

3. Please wait one hour after uninstalling a previous version of Windows Vista SP1 before installing Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh. The installer service needs to clean up and complete the uninstall prior to installing the RC. Failing to do this can result in installation errors when installing the RC version.

Yet another "WTF Microsoft?" Vista moment

And here is where someone will come in and explain exactly what the system is doing in that hour wait to which I'll preemptively reply: "Yeah but it's still retarded!"

Evolution said,
What are the changes?

If you click the download link that page has a link to the release notes on it.