Vista testers get unexpected holiday gift: No TV

For those running the RC1 of Vista -- the most broadly distributed of the Vista test versions -- the TV features of Media Center stopped working on December 31. Microsoft blamed the issue on the fact that it has a paid license for the video decoder and Dolby sound technology, and it only licensed those through December 31. The overall RC1 software is not scheduled to expire until June.

"As of December 31, 2006, users running Windows Vista RC1 beta code will no longer have access to the Media Center functionality, due to the expiration of the MPEG 2 decoder and Dolby Digital components built into Windows Vista and used by the Media Center experience," Microsoft said in a statement in response to inquiries by CNET "Because these technologies are licensed and royalty bearing, they will expire within a certain time period, according to our license agreements."

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on whether the company could have extended its license, saying it doesn't comment on the terms of such licensing deals. The representative noted that Microsoft did recommend that users not try Vista on their main machines.

News source: CNET

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its a beta so it wouldnt matter much.

can you use other apps to view TV? i think there are Media Center alternatives out there.

i say, put it on a stick with engraving Vista/Dolbi .. there u go, much better, get a life loosers stop using betas as main os, how dumb can u be man?

who cares, it's a RC build
even tho it's scheduled to expire via a timebomb in june, the license agreements usually state (last time I checked) that any pre release build usage rights expire when the final bits have been released
whoever complains doesn't even have the right to
and to think of it, with all the Mpeg 2 codecs MS has distributed in the past with Media Center betas, from Cyberlink and nVidia, these vendors would be ****ed if these didn't expire

Beta software isn't supported at all so people affected by this can cry more. Tho it is a bit dodgy to say it will work until mid 2007

Not nice ! But not a real deal, for sure there are other mpeg decoders you could install, but I don't get the whole of media centre not working because of a single coded module ? That just a making RC1 cripple ware. Will it slowly lose functionality, and go into reduced functionality mode !

Oh and MS have to licence codecs like this - hmm and developers of VLC, media player classic etc don't !