Visual Studio 2013 RC gets a few new features

MSDN and TechNet subscribers got their long awaited RTM build of Windows 8.1 earlier today, but Microsoft has also officially launched the release candidate build for its Visual Studio 2013 development tools as well (the RC build reportedly leaked to the Internet a few days ago).

In a post on the Visual Studio blog, Somasegar, the president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, writes that one of the new RC features is the Cloud Business App template, which makes creating apps that are designed for Office 365 easier. Somasegar states:

By default, without writing any code, Cloud Business Apps extend the Office 365 experience enabling your apps to facilitate collaboration and enable communication, and they provide an HTML based app UX that works great across the desktop and devices.

Visual Studio 2013 RC1 adds some features to the tool's XAML editor, including IntelliSense for Data Binding and more. It also adds some more TypeScript tooling support, based on the programming language that Microsoft first introduced in October 2012. CodeLens, which was included as a way to offer programmers "deep contextual insights inline in your source code" has been updated in the RC build with Lync integration, new indicators for bugs and more.

Microsoft has still not announced a release date for the final version of Visual Studio 2013.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Skwerl said,
Great news! I have to say, I really love VS 2013 and I have been looking forward to an updated version!

Using 2012 myself, my favorite IDE on any OS, but waiting for 2013 to go whatever passes for RTM at Microsoft nowadays, really liking what's in the MSDN blogs about new features. Also need to wait for third party IDE addons to catch up too, a few I can't do without.

Skwerl said,
Most of those features are likely implemented as free add-ons in the gallery. No need to wait!

I do use a few of the gallery ones yes, but a few are commercial too, CodeRush, JustMock and such. Downtime would be an issue so I'm just going to wait so I'd only have to do it once, just in case something pops up between RC and RTM. Probably going to throw it into a VM for sure just to play with the new features, some look pretty nice, but waiting for final (and the go-ahead from those third parties) for the real install.

According to the Soma blog, the RTM date for VS 2013 is the same as 8.1 GA, and the VS 2013 "Virtual Launch" date is Nov. 13:

The RC release is the next big step toward the release of Visual Studio 2013. Today I am also excited to announce that Visual Studio 2013 will RTM at Windows 8.1 GA and the Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch will be held on November 13th, 2013! Available online around the world, more details can be found on the virtual launch event on the events page.