VivaLnk introduces temporary adhesive NFC tattoo

As our mobile devices become portals into our digital lives, there has been a greater need to secure them, which could cost us more time that we think. By locking our devices, it seems that we are wasting precious seconds everyday when it comes to unlocking our devices. Although a couple seconds here and there might not seem like a lot, VivaLnk, has created a unique solution that could save you time while still keeping your device secure.

Digital Tattoo is a temporary tattoo that can be used to unlock your device via NFC. The temporary adhesive tattoo is the size of a nickel and is touted as being able to last for up to five days in normal conditions. This means that you will be able to wear your NFC tattoo and still participate in your everyday activities like showers, swims, workouts, and more.

Digital Tattoo will function in the same manner as any NFC tag and will require an initial setup. After it has been synced with a device for the first time, the tattoo will remain active until it dissolves and needs replacement. Although this is a fairly personal and novel approach, the technology could someday be utilized in hospitals, for security, concerts or in other commercial environments.

Currently, the tattoo's design is not customizable, but will be available in a pack of ten for $10. The tattoo is only available for the Moto X. The company is interested in expanding its line of adhesive NFC tags to other devices and does have a form on its site available.

Source: VivaLnk via Hexus | Images via VivaLnk

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Gornot said,
Then paste here.

Talk about ridiculousness.

GIFs won't show in the comment area... only links. GIFs work on the forums. Not here.

So, everyone know what face palm gif is. Use your imagination!

I can see this being used as night club stamps, setting up tab, etc.
Provided there's adequate security. Some NFC RFID implementation feature no, or poor security. When this issue arises, some venders in the past threaten lawsuits / wants to keep the information hidden vs spending the money to fix it.

These will have absolutely no security. Maybe basic write protection, but that's it. For secure protection against duplicating these you need something with some very basic processing power (MiFare or DesFire for example).

Right now these aren't even writeable, they just contain a sort of barcode. But I expect that in time very basic writeable ones will start showing up. Basically you should see these as rewriteable QR codes, nothing else.