Vizio finally launches its 11.6-inch "Windows 8 Tablet PC"

Way back in January during CES 2013, Vizio announced plans to launch its first Windows 8 tablet. Today, the company finally put the tablet on sale, over five months after it was first revealed, but now the specs on the tablet look less impressive.

Vizio's website has the detail on the tablet, which has the dull brand name "Windows 8 Tablet PC." The product, which has the model number MT11X-A1, has an 11.6 inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080. It's one of the few Windows 8 tablets that has AMD's Z-60 processor inside, which is powerful enough to support the higher display resolutions. It also contains AMD's Radeon HD 6250 on-board GPU.

The tablet comes with 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of on-board storage, and a two megapixel front-facing camera. The 1.8 pound tablet supports Microsoft Signature, which means that it will ship with no additional third party software, or "junkware" already installed. Its expected battery life is up to five hours, which is about on par with many Windows 8 tablets.

Vizio is now selling its first Tablet PC on its website for $599.99. So far, there's no word if the company will release any Intel-based tablets, nor if the company will join in launching smaller seven or eight inch tablets.

Source: Vizio | Image via Vizio

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Is this the new iPhone?


Probably. It's only CloverTrail tablets that you absolutely can't because they're 32-bit UEFI only and Windows 7 can't boot from UEFI on x86 (only x86-64).

Deviate_X said,
Indeed, Windows 8 works very well with touch

So does Windows 7 actually, just lacks most of the tablet specific stuff.

$599? If the intent is to penetrate the iPad and Android world, they have failed. Microsoft and its partners should be pricing aggressively. At $599 most consumers, not Neowin members, would more than likely just buy an iPad. Not because of better features, but because Microsoft has not yet made a significant dent in the tablet world and most consumers purchase by word of mouth.

Part of the appeal of the iPad is its ease-of use... which is a byproduct of its reduced functionality.

Plus... the iPad was never supposed to replace a traditional computer anyway. The iPad is a wonderful "companion" to a traditional computer.

So... will people buy a Windows tablet to go along with their Windows laptop? Seems like there would be some overlap.

Need reviews. Also, haven't heard anything especially glowing about Vizio, so I'm more cautious than anything. Hope its good, for AMD's sake.

Chikairo said,
Need reviews. Also, haven't heard anything especially glowing about Vizio, so I'm more cautious than anything. Hope its good, for AMD's sake.

Review summary: Crap processor though possibly better than Atom, released after AMDs new processors were, too little too late too high priced.

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