VMWare Releases Fusion for Mac

As first noted last week, VMWare has released Fusion, its virtualization software for the Macintosh. The software costs $79.99, and is available for online purchase and download. You can download a 30-day evaluation license from VMWare's Web site. Fusion is VMWare's first virtualization software for the Macintosh, and it enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows and other x86-based operating systems without having to be rebooted first.

Fusion is not the first virtualization software to come to the Macintosh, however: Parallels has already carved out the niche for virtualization on the Mac with its Parallels Desktop for Mac software, and Codeweavers' CrossOver software enables some Windows applications to run without having Windows installed at all. VMWare senior product manager for Mac products Pat Lee believes that VMWare will be able to capitalize on strengths in Fusion not offered by Parallels Desktop.

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The beta has been working well for me. I haven't noticed any performance drops at all. Even still, I'm sure the beta had debug code in it, which would slow it down. The release won't.

When Fusion first came out I loved it, but it got bogged down pretty bad with all the features they added, making it just as slow as Parallels for me.

Speed is my main concern for these VMs, rather than a ton of slow, buggy features.

i cant see myself buying that...
if i want to game properly im not gonna take the performance loss which is horrific and use bootcamp.
for normal productivity tasks or any other sort of apps i have Mac OS X...

Glassed Silver:mac

Both VMware and Parallels are incorporating 3D acceleration into their products. They claim it will make gaming feasible in virtualization.