VMware Workstation 7 released with full Windows 7 support

VMware has announced the latest version it's flagship virtualization software - VMware Workstation 7 which is packed full of new features which are huge - including full 3D graphics support for virtual machines. VMware workstation is compatible with over 20 operating systems out of the box, and can run many other operating systems unofficially.

As previously mentioned, the new VMware workstation comes with full 3D graphics support for guest operating systems - meaning that if your computer can't play a game, but has the resources to run a virtual operating system well, you can run an earlier version of Windows (or Linux) to play it.

VMware also announced that VMware workstation 7 is "...optimized for maximum performance when running on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 PCs" and can now run virtual machines "with up to four virtual CPUs and 32GB of RAM dedicated to each virtual machine."

The new release also finally supports Aero - which is well coincided with the release of Windows 7. VMware is even claiming that their virtualization is "Better than Windows XP Mode, you can run Windows XP with 3D graphics, faster performance, and tighter integration with Unity". It is also compatible with Windows 7 features on the host machine, allowing the user to use Flip 3D and Aero Peek to view their virtual machines.

Other major new features of Workstation 7 include AutoProtect - a tool which automatically saves states of virtual machines, printing without printer drivers, 256-bit encryption of virtual machines and more. A 30-day trial version can be obtained from VMware's website.

Thanks to forum user rakeshishere for the screenshots.

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Does any one know if you can run 64 bit OS on VMware? Cause I tried to install 64bit OS on MS VirtualPC and it doesn't work.

I just question the statement, "it's flagship virtualization software - VMware Workstation 7". While I agree Workstation is a great product, I don't think it pays the bills as far as VMware is concerned. I really think that vSphere/ESX product line would be more in line with their flagship product. IMHO.

My big question: does the new VMware Workstation incorporate the same integration features I get for free with XP Mode? Or do I pay (even) more for them?

And the pricing sucks. I MIGHT buy Workstation if they'd consider a "personal" license for, say, $80US, but at $189, it's not quite enough value for me.

I'm guessing that Workstation's graphics support is the same as VMware Fusion's. If that's the case, it supports DirectX 9.0c with shader model 3 and OpenGL 2.1.

Was on the beta programme for this (got an invite once I got my VCP qualification) and it's been working great on Windows 7 Highly reccommended!

That is excellent news; I've been using VirtualBox, but they don't support the Additions in OSes earlier than Windows 2000. But I would love to play my old Descent 2! Perhaps now, that dream will become a reality.