Vodafone and MS strike mobile platform deal

Vodafone and Microsoft are collaborating on developing software to help users take their office with them while they travel. The agreement will see the companies co-operate so that applications available to Vodafone users, such as mobile e-mail, are able to work with Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

The deal follows Vodafone's and Microsoft's announcement of the European launch of Windows Mobile for Vodafone in February. Users will be able to access the mobile versions of applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Office through the new combined platform synchronised with the standard Windows system they have on their PCs. This will allow Vodafone customers to use their mobile phone to interact with PC functions.

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News source: The Reg

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And no doubt "brand" the applications to buggery.

It never fails to amaze me how you pay a fortune for a Smart Phone which they pay a subsidy on knowing they are going to get it back in full over the length of the contract and that gives them right in most cases to completely destroy the OS and functionality of the handset in the process.

No doubt this will involve taking the standard Pocket Outlook adding Vodafone branding and Vodafone E-Mail wizard so they can flog you the standard email service that the phone normally provides but because its "Vodafone" that gives them the right to charge £X a month for it. Oh and don't expect to be able to easily set up say your own mail server.