Vonage experiencing problems

Vonage users are experiencing no dialtone or only outgoing call availability. The network availability numbers, which handle calls when the Vonage device is unavaible, are not working either. Voice mail, simul-ring and call forwarding are also not working and incoming callers are experiencing a fast busy or call can not be completed message. This problem is affecting both residential and business accounts.

The Vonage website has been responding very slowly today. If you can logon, there is a message posted stating:

Quote -
At this time some customers are experiencing intermittent issues making and receiving calls. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are working towards resolving it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience in this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The problem seems widespread contrary to the above statement.

There is more disucssion about this issue at Vonage-Forum

View: Vonage-Forum

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I can confirm that they are indeed having issues. I was on the phone with a Vonage user earlier and the call just died. When I tried to call them back it was redirected to their alternate (cell) number.

I thought the dialtone was created by the mta? aka your local VoIP box... when we had VOIP we could get dial tone with out it ever being pluged into the internet... just couldnt dial anything....

I thought the dialtone was created by the mta?

Depends on the mta if it will create the dialtone if the internet is not present.

I've been having minor problems at home the last 3 days, but this morning it was out for 3 hours at home and also at my business. I looked on the vonage message boards and saw that a lot of other people were experiencing the same thing.

It's still not working properly at my house now, I call from the office and I don't get through. So I called someone at my house on their cell phone and 2 minutes later the home phone rings showing my business caller ID from the call I origionally made.

When i pick up the phone it's say's it cant register with the vonage network, and i cant login to dashboard it just keeps coming back to a logon page.