Vote for which Windows Phone ad is shown on TV Jan. 20

In November, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton joined Microsoft's Windows Phone TV commercial campaign with a spot that had him...baking a dessert and sending a picture of that creation to his mother via his HTC Windows Phone 8X. Now Microsoft wants some input from the public for showing the ad during the pre-game coverage of the NFL AFC Championship game on Jan. 20.

The Wndows Phone blog states that there are actually four versions of that ad, all with different endings. You can vote for which one you want to see on TV. The original one, where Newton says "Pound Cake! French Fries!" to fellow NFL player Jonathan Stewart Louis Murphy, or one of three others where there are some different catch phrases.

You can check out the other three versions of the commercial below and then vote for your favorite. Voting ends at noon Pacific Time on Friday, Jan. 18. At the moment, it looks like "Pound Cake! French Fries!" is well ahead of the other three clips, but there's still a week for that to change.

By the way, we are pretty sure Newton would prefer to be on the field during the playoffs but, sadly, the Panthers didn't quite make it. Oh well.

Source: Windows Phone blog

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Get some real celebs, who is this guy? Seriously... get Brad Pitt, Donald Trump or Jean-Luc Picard (not his real name) to play the part. but I personally think these types of commercials are not a good investment. The reinvented for each of us commercial is awesome, it's calm and to the point. And please do bad mouth the other platforms, like Samsung does with Apple. Less info is best, like Apple did with the iPad Mini commercial, playing the piano, it's stupid but effective. But if I'm left to choose one of these "food" commercials, I would go with the French Fries one.

...Championship game on Jan. 20. The Wndows Phone blog states that there are actually... Its Windows Neowin, update it please.