VPN not slated for WP8 in 2013, Nokia EOS coming this summer?

Microsoft has made significant progress with Windows Phone 8 over the past few months and the next update, GDR2, will add more features to the platform but one item that it will not include is VPN support. To go further, Mary Jo Foley stated on the Windows Weekly talk show that VPN is not looking good for 2013 and 2014 is up in the air at this point.

While VPN may not sound like a big deal for consumers, for those of us who use a personal phone in both the enterprise and at home, VPN is a critical feature that many corporate users will need to be able to use their device in the workplace. With Microsoft not planning to include this feature in the near future, it makes Windows Phone in the enterprise a tough sell.

Mary Jo Foley has a very strong track record when it comes to these types of rumors and she traditionally doesn't say anything about upcoming products until she is quite sure of the information, knowing that, these rumors will likely turn out true.

You can watch MJF explain the rumor at the 1:42.30 mark but to counterbalance the bad, she is also saying that the Nokia EOS phone is likely to arrive sometime this summer. Knowing how Nokia has introduced new phones in the past, we would expect this phone to arrive on AT&T in the US.

Source: Windows Weekly

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