Vulnerability Found in Windows Mobile

Flaws within the Windows Mobile operating system could cause phones to crash, security firm Trend Micro said in a pair of advisories. One deals with Internet Explorer, while the other involves the Pictures & Videos application.

In each case, devices running these programs and opening either a specially crafted Web page or JPEG image file could be susceptible to a denial-of-service attack. Microsoft has been alerted to the issue, and the firm will not release details of the flaw.

Versions affected include Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0. In the case of the Picures & Videos flaw, the device would lock up for approximately 10-15 minutes while it attempts to process the file.

News source: Betanews

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My phone locks up at random moments, it's so annoying. Yesterday it locked up after about 9mins when I was on the phone with someone, the only way to resolve it is to remove the battery and restart the phone!